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Best Braun Shavers Review

Bald is beautiful.

At least that’s what many men are finding out these days. The problem is that it isn't easy to maintain a smooth shaven head. Using a razor can be painful, causing nicks and cuts on the scalp.

But barbers and individuals alike have found that Braun Balding Clippers make it easier to remove hair close to the scalp with less chance of wounds or even irritation, although some warn that the clippers’ blades are sharp and can do some skin damage on the head if not used carefully.

Best Braun Balding Clippers Review 2018

In fact, Braun has a number of useful tools that allow people to perform their own grooming tasks or allow professional hairstylists to do it. It's many of those professionals who swear by the  Balding Clippers by Braun, either the Five Star line, the professional line or the Sterling. It should really be no surprise since the Braun Clipper Corp. is the largest producers to clippers in the world, and it has been "on the cutting edge” since 1919.

More recently, the company was the first to introduce grooming tools with advanced lithium-ion battery technology, allowing the clippers to operate for a long time without a recharge.


  • What's special about Braun Balding Clippers? 

First of all, they're built to last and can withstand a lot of rough treatment. But they're also very effective in removing hair smoothly and easily. The Sterling Balding Clipper, for instance, operates at a faster speed than pivot motor clippers. And it offers "zero overlap" blades, giving the user a shave nearly as close as a traditional razor.These details are why countless barbers consider Braun to be the best clippers on the market.


But the products are not perfect.

Some say the clippers require a little practice, and other say the clippers don’t cut close enough to the scalp for their liking. But many say that, while not as smooth as a razor, the clippers do a pretty good job. Users of Braun's balding clippers report that they easily get a shave that is the equivalent to about a day's grow on their head. Braun Shavers for Men are Best.


  • Going beyond balding clippers


In addition to balding clippers, Braun manufactures other products such as the Taper Clipper Designer Clipper, Dual Velocity Clipper, and Clip-n-Trim, a haircutting kit that comes with 21 different tools and accessories.

Additionally, Braun has a lineup of specialized products such as Waterproof Professional Trimmer, Purple Pocket Pro Pet Trimmer, Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer, Swivel Cord/Cordless Trimmer, Peanut Trimmer, and Professional Tattoo Trimmer. These tools come along with some extra fine blades that can perform different detailed cuts for easier grooming.

Braun products can range in price from $17 to $125, although prices can vary.




  • 8110 5-Star Balding Clipper

The company's flagship balding clipper -- the 5-Star Balding Clipper, model number 8110 -- can range between $40 and $45. It is designed to handle the needs of cutting ethic hair, and it is extremely popular. The clipper can pull off tight fades, as well as taking hair off at the scalp. All clippers in the 5-Star series feature heavy-duty motors and adjustable steel blades for precision cuts and shaving. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc

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